Our attorneys at Davis Legal Group specialize in a variety of services for Oil & Gas industry clients. Our experience and training ensure that whatever your need, we can handle it. And if you’re interested in a service that isn’t listed, just contact us – we’re more than happy to review the request and get you the best result possible.

Original Title Opinions
When investing or purchasing a piece of property, its essential to know if the Title you’re gaining is valid. Our office routinely provides Original Title Opinions, certified with our professional backing and support, that trace the Title validity from patent to the current owners. We take care in crafting our Opinions so non-attorneys can easily understand them, increasing their overall value and usability.

Supplemental Title Opinions
Oil & Gas is a complex, ever-changing business. Your intentions with land or rights are likely going to change, and therefore, so will your Title Opinion needs. Our staff is able to meet your goals by issuing Supplemental Title Opinions as needed. These Opinions may correct mistakes, hone certain aspects, or even validate Opinions issued previously and/or by another attorney. Regardless of what is necessary, we’re here to make our Opinions work for you.

Division Order Title Opinions
Our office highly recommends securing a final Division Order Title Opinion.  Ownership often changes from the date of the Original Title Opinion and the first date of royalty distribution, overriding royalties, and fractional, non-operator working interests. Division Order Title Opinions will ensure that all royalties are being distributed accurately from the beginning, minimizing the threat of potential future problems.

Preparation of Curative Title Documents
When an issue, error, or defect is found in a Title chain or history – and believe us, these will occur – we’re here to solve the problem. Correcting – or Curing – Title is a big part of the process, and our staff is trained in creating the documents, agreements, affidavits, etc. necessary to make your Title clean, clear, and ready for the spotlight.

Oil & Gas Title Litigation
Reasonable minds can disagree – there can be no reconciliation without an acknowledgment of discord!  Litigation is natural product of disagreement, and our office can assist in the process. Our attorneys are experienced Litigators, and are here to gain as favorable a ruling as possible.

Mergers & Divestitures
The act of purchasing an operator or investment group or divesting your own assets is a complicated matter. Our office is ready to help untangle the process and make sure either act is done with care, clarity, and as effectively as possible.  We can validate assets or prepare yours, Certify the Title before purchase or sale, or ensure that asset-value is consistent and correct. Whatever your needs, we’re here to make your business decision a smart, accurate one.